I have long wanted to talk about this. Those who are close enough to me would have heard this. But yesterday it happened. Again.

Miracles exist. In a form of granted doa.

As I cleared up the toys room, I stumbled upon the small sling bags we brought around with us during Umrah. Inside, I found the papers of doa people had asked me to help make for them when I was in Madinah and Makkah.

One of them is to make her family OK again (her parents got divorced) and to let me deliver a cute, healthy baby ( I was pregnant with Love at that time). A chill went through me as I realized both prayers were granted. Her parents reunited years later and I did deliver a cute, healthy baby – Heartbeat. It may not happened promptly, but it must have happened at the correct time.

Fast forward to present.

As my head was bursting with farewell-organizing matters (chasing attendance confirmation is no laughing matter), a new notice was up at our current mother’s room stating the room is for temporary use as the clinic will be expanded by March end to accomodate us. My heart sank to the floor. The clinic is way too far. And the thought of the previous clinic’s dirty curtains crept into my mind.

A whatsapp group was quickly set up by one of the mothers and we discuss of what to do about it, planning petition and collecting information to draw up powerpoint presentation on why the room should be kept. Looking up the reply given by management (whoever that is), I started to realize the sure way to win this is using political strategy. And the most important person we should win over is the Director of R&D.

I started asking around on what the director personality is like. He is new, I had liked his predecessor and am confident I could win if he was still the director, but I had no idea what the new guy is like. A colleague told me he has good relationship with my Sector Head, and that if I could win my Sector Head it would be easy to win him.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted planning strategy to get people to side with us. And that was then I realized.

The one I needed to side with us:

The One who Holds Every Human’s Heart.

After my Asar prayer, I made doa. It may be short, but my heart was so full of hope. For nothing happened without the will of Allah.

I stumbled into my Sector Head the next morning as I walked into the office. Thinking there was no use to wait further, I told him I needed to talk. He asked me to wait a bit as he was on his way somewhere. He came back sometimes later, asked me why and I immediately tell him everything. He said he will check things out and let me know later.

It isn’t even our lunch time when he came over again saying the management will keep that room. The previous notice was brought down and replaced with a new one.

All is well. Except I think it is a bit too easy. I had prepared myself for a battle.

And then I remember.

That doa.


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