Spreading Love

Those who knows me already know I am a huge fan of banana derivatives. Pengat pisang, lepat pisang, nagasari, cekodok pisang, kek pisang, apam pisang yada yada. Almost anything with banana in it would have my vote straightaway. So, yesterday I picked a lepat pisang for breakfast. And remembered.

Way back when I was still new in Korea, we went to the JPA officer in charge of us quite a number of times. His wife would cook us good Malaysian food so we would not miss our home country much. There was this one time when we were making karipap and I absent-mindedly said about lepat pisang, not thinking much about where the heck can we find banana leaves in the middle of Seoul. But the officer’s wife had it. And she straight away whipped up lepat pisang for us all. No complaint. And there I was, learning kindness.

Always. We complain on soc med how I did this this this for A B C and yet nobody help me do this this this. And then we complain more on why should we buy D E F presents but nobody buys us presents. There is even a whole article on no need to work hard on your job because the company you work for does not appreciate you.

But that’s the thing about kindness, you see. That officer’s wife, I never get her anything in return for the lepat pisang she made for me, but her kindness reminds me of how I should be kind too to others. You see, when you do good to others, you don’t necessarily get something good in return. Instead, that person would think about the good he received, and may start do the good to others. I believe, that is how kindness and love is spread.

So the next time you buy someone something, don’t despair if you get nothing in return. That person may continue the chain of kindness, and who knows, someday in the future, the chain will return to you! What matters more is that the kindness and love is spread.

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