Baby Room Review

Baby Room Review

I do Baby Room Review on weekly basis on my FB page. So on weekend I would visit malls and check the baby room out and write a bit about it.

This is inspired on that time when I was trying to google out baby room location at Pavillion and came across an article listing the so-called best baby room in KL (which in my opinion isn’t that good at all).

Anyway, my husband, who took 99% percent of the photos for me (trust me, my photography skill is worse than my driving skill. I can’t even take good selfies) thought I should move them up to my blog. Why benefit only a limited number of people (I strictly limit my FB friends) when you can benefit more?

So I guess I’ll take his advice and bring it all down here.


That would take a long time. Haha. My blog layout pun still pending. Let alone setting up hashtags and all.

Anyone knows and auto-import function please?

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