The Lattice Duck

I’m going to have a terribly busy day ahead, so I will just update now.

Winter had a bit of temperature yesterday. But. It was only his head that was heat-y. His entire body is at the correct temperature. His armpit measured 36.4 degree, yet his head measured 38 degree. At least when I dropped him of at the childcare centre he wasn’t that heat-y anymore. Only poo-ey.

Because Winter was not well, I did not sleep well either. He was up every hour to nurse, I think because his throat was a bit dry. So I take the opportunity to wait for the Lattice Duck to be up online.

I particularly like the raspberry ones, although I have no idea where do I go wearing such colors. Definitely not work. I had thought to save it up for Eid too.

The scarves was up online at 4.40 a.m around. I had already put one in my cart and proceed off to payment when I had this heavy doubt. At long last, I abandoned the cart.

There was this similar time when I stood in the Burberry outlet at Shinchon. This particular last piece of Burberry bag was on sale and dude, it’s bloody cheap for a Burberry. Easily affordable by that-moment-me. But I hesitated. I held that dear in front of the mirror for a long time. And it wasn’t my first time there to see the bag either. It was Burberry. The bag I wanted the most.


I was not anything Burberry. I still am not now. I may afford it, but I can never fit it. It looked out of place with me.

I guess this duck must be the same.

The not-meant-to-be.

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