Alice I Have Been Review

I finished the book Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin today. The book, though of fiction genre, was about the life of Alice Liddell, the girl who inspired Alice in Wonderland. Yes. I did not know that she existed either until I read the book.

However it disturbed me that someone can make a story out of someone else’s life, as if it is a true account. Part of the book is true, another part is the author’s imagination, and other parts are simply were not what happened. Although the writer did clarify at the end which are the facts and which are not, I wonder what if people don’t bother to read the explanation. And a book is a powerful tool for changing perception, especially if it is written well. I, for one, had the difficulties to remind myself that whatever happened in the book may not be what happened in real life. And I wonder is it not an insult to the real people that the author portrayed them that way; maybe they weren’t that bad to begin with.

Anyway, because of the book, I took the time to read more on Lewis Carroll and the notable people during Victorian era. I can’t help but marvel at how well we know of someone who died almost a hundred years ago. And at the writer’s telling us stories of a Victorian background, sounding so natural as if she lived there herself.

The book also made me realized I never once read the original version of Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll. I made a mental note to read it, along with the sequel Through the Looking Glass.

Anyone wants to buy me books please?

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