Tenera Hotel Hi-tea Review

So, I am again the event manager for our Head of Sector’s Farewell Dinner. In general, I don’t mind organizing events and dinners. I figured it must have stemmed from my love in throwing parties (-lah sangat!) back when I was in university. Ok, not that parties, but open houses etc. I love playing host.

This farewell dinner will be held together with the Sector’s Appreciation Dinner. I had years of experience being committee of the annual department gathering, but this is the first time I was appointed Head of Committee. Boy, I’m so excited. I got this huge idea for the whole thing but that will be blogged later. First thing first.

Let me tell you a secret. When I host events, the first most important thing I pay attention to is the food. Ha ha ha. So much that when I got conflicting comments of the food at the new Tenera Hotel at Bangi, I just had to check them out myself.

The hotel just opened and so far two sectors have had their annual dinner there, therefore it is just natural that I got a lot of requests to hold this dinner there too. Can’t turn down your guests’ hopeful, shiny eyes, eh? Determined not to serve my guests sub-standard food, I dragged my husband and kids to try their hi-tea buffet today.

Yes, I was that mother with a screaming baby, in case you were wondering.


We left the house at 11 and I was already a lot hungry from not-eating breakfast. We are 1 and a half hour away from the buffet and eating something now would mean lesser room for buffet food. So, I told my husband to stop by Evo Mall so I could grab bread from Aeon’s bakery. Their breads and pastries look really good.

On my way to order drinks, I saw a couple sitting near the corner, the wife was having kuay teow goreng. I went back to my husband telling how good the kuay teow goreng looked. Yes, I’m a huge kuay teow goreng fan. My husband, being a very supportive husband went, “Lets order and we can share it between us!” Ha ha ha.

Sorry for the mess. I just remember I had to take photos.


It was dead good. No regret buying it. At RM 9.90, it tasted much better than Papparich’s.

Mayo with chilli sauce. Not sure which genius came up with this combo. This must be the most perfect dip for french fries.

So, we had to wait a moment before starting off to Tenera.

Tenera Hotel offers hi-tea buffet on weekend at RM68 nett (true at the time of my visit). There were mee goreng mamak, pulut kuning, fried chicken, rendang, murtabak, chicken curry, dhal, mee rebus, chicken rice, fish pais and vegetables spring rolls as main. There were also pasembur, rojak buah, mini burgers, bread assortments, and cheese and crackers. The desserts consisted of cakes, ice creams with condiments (sprinkles, nuts, marshmallows and chocolate fountain), and ais kacang.

To my surprise, I liked the chicken rice most. I rarely bat and eyelash at chicken rice served at restaurant since I make a decent one myself, but this one is totally good. It was made with sticky rice, so it was my first time encountering such kind. They served it in small portions, in case you worry about calories. I asked my husband to fetch me another serving, it was really that good. My next favorite was the rendang and fried chicken. It was crispy and not at all dry, the way a good fried chicken should be. I have half a mind to ask if they could serve it for the dinner. Ha ha.

The green mochi was pandan, I think. It was my first time eating mochi too (I know, I know), and I think it was a tad too sweet for my liking. The burger was really good too.


There is this one thing that really threw things off. The food was cool. I was not sure is it because it sat too long on my table or because the food cover was opened all the time, exposing the food to the air-conditioned temperature, but it was slightly cool to me. But I have this love for cold sandwiches and can eat KFC that had been exposed to winter weather for hours that it tasted like frozen chicken, so the cool food did not stop me from enjoying every bite. Ha ha. It’s just that I know some people do complain of cool food.

And oh, skip the coffee. Ha ha. I have this foolproof cream:sugar ratio for coffee anywhere, but the coffee here just isn’t the same. And by that time Winter was already crying that I don’t have peaceful moments anymore to try new cream:sugar ratio, so I just left it.

Overall, I am well satisfied of the food quality, therefore I guess we’ll be seeing Tenera Hotel for the dinner. If you want to try them out yourself, their weekday buffet price is RM78 nett per pax and RM88 nett per pax for dinner. I happened to saw the ad for buka puasa too, it is RM118 nett per pax in case you want to book early.

Disclaimer: This review isn’t paid and my husband paid for our buffet. Rest assured that the opinion has no conflict of interest in it.

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