Two Takes

On Friday, I had the company of two very interesting people for lunch; Kak Anis, the very (then) HR who conducted my recruitment, and Huda, the person who arranges our trainings.

I was sitting on my own, supposedly waiting for a friend, when Kak Anis prompted me to join her. Some times later Huda came up and joined us. It has really been an interesting talk.

You see, at times I do enjoy it when strangers asked to share my table when there was no more available table around. I got to listen to a new kind of conversation topic, nothing within my world, and I find it refreshing, if not interesting.

The other day, there were two girls, I don’t know them or their departments, who asked to join my table. They had talked about their love for coffee and the best dessert places around, citing some Korean cafe name. No surprise there, really.

With Huda and Kak Anis the stories just flew, I barely remember what important message it has, only one was about how good food at which hotel is for dinner and another was about Huda’s Duck Collection. I think her KL Duck I like the most was the royal blue one. We were still talking about it up till she left the elevators on our way back to our respected offices.

From the conversation, I have two takes on the matter.

One. I don’t judge people who buys Duck. Or any other expensive things. I work in product designing area, I can truly get the difference between expensive makings and cheap makings. And it isn’t always about its look. Once, I had difficulties of explaining why barista coffee and the coffee you make yourself at home (unless you have an espresso-maker) is not the same. Then, last Friday he told me how a colleague let him have Lipton’s new Earl Grey tea and it tasted nothing like the Twinning’s Earl Grey he drinks almost everyday at home. I was all I-told-you-they-can-never-be-the-same!

Two. I don’t judge women who spend their husbands’ money to buy things, cheap or expensive whatever. Least of all, the fulltime housewife because isn’t it naturally so?

That being said, I think I wrote a better, more decent blogpost with this one that the Alice review. That review was typed while I was at the edge of falling asleep, really.


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