Pointless Gibberish

Sigh. Ok a decent one.

I have been busier than before that I haven’t been doing anything enjoyable enough to share with you. I had mentioned this to my husband, though, the fact that I need a good vacation to unwind, to which he replied, “Sure. On year-end.”

By the time year-end came, I have a feeling I will not feel up to vacation anymore. I am, after all, an impulsive person.

What do I write? What do I write?

Oh, yes! I discovered yesterday I easily like people. I pretty much like almost everyone I know. I pointed this out to my husband, to which he replied – not really, you are always complaining about someone.


No. Really. I generally will assume everyone is super nice at first met. Until they do something I dislike. And then I will complain. And forgot about it weeks later. And assume they are super nice again. Until they do something I dislike again. And I remember ah yes this person is like that.

Duh. Now I’m blabbering.

But whatever. As long as I’m writing something, I’m good.

See you in two days, and I hope by then I will have something more fun to talk about.

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