Shopping Therapy

Shopping therapy can never be an acceptable therapy to de-stress for the fact that it brings you more stress once the bill arrives.

Unless you are ultra rich.

Anyway, after finishing my errand at Bangi today, on my way back home, I realized I forgot to buy extra mittens for Winter. I texted my husband to let him know I would make a quick detour to the mall.

Quick lah sangat.

Must be the things parents with eczema babies bought most. Or is it just us? I like the Luvable Friends’s mittens because so far they are the ones which Winter finds difficult to remove. He already learned that grabbing the tip of his mittens and pulling it would take the thing off his hand. He has been practicing ever since. The other brand was bought because I think Heartbeat would find it amusing that his brother has car-print mittens.

And then from afar I saw the pink numbered sign at Mothercare, which generally means a sale is going on. Cannot leave without checking it out now, can we? Maybe I should buy some clothes for Winter as what he has are mostly hand-me-downs.

Enter the shop. Look at clothes.

3-6 months but seems too big for Winter. Mothercare is from UK and my babies are always on the smaller size so they are always wearing smaller sizes. But there isn’t much of 1-3 months size.

And. Doesn’t Winter already have many clothes? The hand-me-downs?

So Icame out of the shop with these.

Two shirts for and a pair of short for Heartbeat. No clothes for Winter.

Ah, but Omak got you new toys baby. Because your brother didn’t have many toys as a baby.

All kids’ stuffs, huh? The cliche mummy’s claim: I don’t get excited shopping my stuffs anymore, now I buy my kids’ stuffs all the time.

Does not work with me because *guiltily* I bought several things for myself. And for my husband too.

Ha ha ha.

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