Weirdo Winter

It’s Winter’s first hotel experience! Nowhere fancy, really. Heck I can’t remember Heartbeat’s first hotel, come to think of it. But I would remember it wasn’t pleasant either. Because we found ourselves preparing if something is to happen.

Something did happen.

Winter screamed like mad at 2 in the morning.

I attempted to feed him, to which he refused. My husband woke up and told me maybe I should try something else to soothe him since he didn’t want to feed. So I left him with my husband and hit the pillow again, determined not having to resort to watching cartoon at 2. Not like the TV has cartoon channel anyway.

Minutes later, he was still screaming.

I woke up and looked at Winter in my husband arm. He gave me the pleading look; sort of saying, “Mom, help me please.” My husband looked miserable.

I took him and feed him to sleep. Duh. Why were you not cooperative om the first time?


There are two things, I found out, that can send Winter to sleep pretty easily.

One. My voice singing Tomato Song to him. I have nonidea why it has to be that song. It doesn’t even pass as a lullaby, given its bright tone, but Winter immediately keeps quiet and fall to sleep when I do.

Two. More absurd than the first one is: the sound. I seriously don’t get this either. How can a baby fall asleep listening to something so noisy. I remember Heartbeat woke up to the slightest sound of toys or kids playing because it would remind him to be awake and play too.

So that is Winter to you. A weirdo in the making.

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