Been neglecting my blog, I know. But I am just too busy! Cliche, I know too.

Sigh. How do people keep up with writing and everything else, really?

And nowadays, I noticed it’s harder to de-stress. That cup of latte doesn’t work, neither does my favorite croissant. Chocolate became too sweet now and cheese became too bland. I used to love (capital!) breakfast, but now choosing food for morning meal itself is a chore. I can’t be running off to beach each time I feel too worked up because then that would be every two days.


I got myself a pink world map duck. The pink world map duck. It must be the only duck I think makes everybody I see it on looks pretty. It turned out a school friend has an extra, it had not even get to see the world outside its FV bag. Maybe it won’t even know it had travelled all the way to Japan and back again.

So I bought it from her.

And a friend did the honor of unboxing it for me.

And then she couldn’t tie the ribbon back again.


No, I don’t plan to take up duck as de-stressing plan. I got many more other things I want to buy as well.

Shoo! Go away!

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