Dorsett Putrajaya as Event Venue

Boy, I totally should consider event planner as my next career.

Next up on my chart when I cancelled Tenera Hotel is Dorsett Putrajaya Hotel. I had considered them for the previous dinner because of the food list (yes, I’m pretty particular with food served) but had to cancel out due to budget constraint. I am aware I had to slap in additional money to at least get a comparable variety of food as Tenera’s, but my boss had agreed to sponsorship, so.. *shrugs*

Dorsett Putrajaya Hotel is located at Precinct 3, next building to the JPN. We were greeted by Ms Alia and Ms Ira from sales team and boy, don’t we feel a lot underdressed compared to them. They kindly showed us around anyway. The ballroom, although is not as huge as Tenera that can fit a thousand, is immaculate and well-prepped, the way a proper ballroom should be. They are even accomodative of how big we want the stage to be. And, they agreed to include carving stall and noodle station on food list. Yes, the food part again.

For now I can’t say much but we are to sample the food on Monday, together with re-checking of ballroom settings. I guess I will be writing about food review then.

Oh, but I passed by an ad saying they are having promotion on Ramadhan buffet. The first one thousand gets buffet seat for only RM99. You might want to contact them for details for I don’t have any.

But if I’m thinking of becoming an event planner, I might want to change the way I dress first.

And improve my driving skill.

Ha ha.

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