Shopping on Saturday

Because I sense a mountain of writings coming up, I will just quickly write this one and save it on draft.

On early (and I mean 2-3 am early) Saturday morning, I went plotting with Huda on queueing up for the new duck store. My husband was it’s-only-20% but Huda was IT-IS-20%!. Well, I guess it’s called perspective difference. But by 9 am, I had positively gave up because no way I think we could survive the line with two 5-months-oldies (Yes, we had the exact same EDD last time!). So I proceeded with the same plan my husband and I had for the weekend; laundry – breakfast – CK Rahim for running tudung – race pack collection – Toys R Us for Heartbeat – hotel check-in.

And then I left my newly bought running tudung at home. Duh.

The race kit collection was held at the tent hall of Convention Centre. I never knew that thing is permanently there. The tent, I mean. Since it was impossible to push the stroller all the way down there and there was no need to exhaust Heartbeat by asking him to walk the extra distance, I shot off myself and quickly went back up again, not caring to check out the exhibition. And later, when I had (late) lunch with my sisters, they asked, “Did you buy the tshirt?” I was like, “What tshirt?” and got rolls of eyes over it.

By the time, I had finished my lunch, Heartbeat had not yet finished choosing a toy. I arrived there seeing him amidst Fast and Furious cars, unable to make up his mind. So I asked, ” What about Play-doh?” and I think that word must be magical to him since he was never allowed Play-doh. He rushed and chose a tub. Only one color? Seriously? I took a pack of 4 colors and offered it to him. Anyway, you’ll need multiple colors to do things.

Heartbeat finally came out of Toys R Us with a barrel of Play-doh complete with a few molds courtesy of Abah.

No trip to Toys R Us KLCC is complete without a quick check at the Mothercare. After all, I needed to buy spoons for when Winter starts solid soon.

I was done picking the spoons I wanted when I remembered how it broke my heart this morning while packing, I had took Heartbeat clothes from a pile of new clothes while Winter rarely had any new ones. Maybe I should at least buy nice new food containers for him. We ended up buying nice container and one of those thing you can put fruit in so baby can chew them. Heartbeat didn’t have that as a baby.

I came out of KLCC with one more shopping bag afterwards.


Ha ha ha.

I told my husband to go eat with Heartbeat because I already ate with my sisters. I used the time to nurse Winter. When he was fast asleep, I just could not resist the urge to check the store up. And lo and behold! No long queue!

Ok it was long. But not long long.

I totally queued carrying winter all the time. I took one or two things I liked and bought something Huda wanted as well. But I’m still mentally kicking myself that I didn’t grab the powder or whatever.

With happy heart, we arrived at Sunway Putra Hotel. My husband went for check-in, me sitting at the couch with the kids. He came and said there is something funny with the room. One of them is on 13th floor, another on the 24th. I had noted that normal room does not usually sit at high floor. My husband pushed the door open and told us we had just been upgraded to suite! I WAS SUPER EXCITED. It isn’t my first suite, but it is my first ever ever ever free upgrade! I am not the luckiest person, I very rarely win lucky draws, therefore free upgrade isn’t really in my book.

So imagine me walking out to dinner, almost floating that the day is so so so perfect.



Until Winter threw up all over my outfit onto the hotel plush carpeted floor.

– to be continued.

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