I don’t do sports. At least not in school. I never ran the 1.5km track around the school field. I would miss the shuttlecock and hit the air instead during badminton. I ran away screaming when the ball came my way in a game of volleyball. You get the picture, right. The whole badan cergas, otak cerdas thing was a concept I questioned.

5 years back before Heartbeat was in our life, my husband and I got too bored with the routine we both had and decided to sign up for a cycling event. About a couple of months before the event, I got pregnant, so I had to drop out. My husband successfully completed the 20km and earned his first medal.

2 years back, we once again got bored because Heartbeat had grown up enough, and I need to lose some weight, so we agreed to my little sister’s suggestion to join the Spartan Race. About a couple of months before the event, I got pregnant, so I had to drop out. My husband successfully completed the 5km obstacled race and earned his second medal.

He, then, ran a 5km event in Putrajaya and another for Arsenal fan at Cyberjaya and earned 2 more medals.

Me, on the other hand, has zero medals but a lot more fat.

So came the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon, I decided it is now or never.

My husband did not register this one, but my little sister registered a half-marathon (Correction: she registered for full marathon and insisted I do this correction but she didn’t run anyway because she got pregnant (world’s best excuse to not do an event you registered!)) and my elder sister a 10km. I registered a 5km. *puff chest*

Nearing the event, I still had next to zero training. But I had a regular 10:00/km pace, which I think is good enough. Even so, I was dead nervous about running on my own.

But, hey, I found someone who was willing to pace me. Someone who must have run a ton of events herself. Someone who found 5km a nothing.


Before the event, I had asked my sisters what if I got bored while running. I mean running for an hour isn’t exactly fun. My sister was all you-won’t-have-time-to-feel-bored-you’ll-be-busy-cursing-yourself. And indeed. The 10 minutes I spent waiting for the flag off, I already had the why-did-I-sign-up-for-this? phase. And, boy, my pacer was tough. She had me went 7:00/km and after 1km I thought of not having her pacing me anymore in future event. No offense but I could never catch her up.

I made my mistake at the water station after 2km mark. I never had water the entire one hour of work-out on the treadmill before so I didn’t see this one coming. Sure, water is good to hydrate yourself and we are running around 9 am and it was already scorching. I am not used to be out in the sun much considering my office-based work, so I figured it would be good. Except it made me want to throw up afterwards.

I could not run anymore, I did not feel well when I did try. My pacer had to left me because I was being too slow. I had to brisk walk until the feelings subsided, which is much later, to my horror. Then I started to run slowly as more and more people, from 10kms too, flooding the street. I arrived at the finishing line 48 minutes after I started. It was about my usual pace, so I think I did OK.

What is in the finisher pack. My first running medal, yay!

It was just a 5km and I took almost 50 minutes to do it, but hey, at least I can proudly say I earned it!

See you on SCKLM next year for 10KM insya Allah!

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