I’m still sleepy, I slept late last night so I could finish watching a drama series.

Which is very unlike Farini.

But I ended up skipping 3 episodes and jumped right to the end.

Which is very like Farini.

I have not enough patience for drama series even when it’s just for 16 episodes.

I remembered seeing this drama trailer and thought the story interesting, so when one day I found myself alone with Winter, sitting in front of the TV with nothing to do, I chose the drama off my VOD list. The title is “Mother”, a Korean adaptation of a Japanese drama.

I love how knowing one more language; Korean; opens me up to a whole new opportunity to know stories in other languages. Remember the Killing Alice book I got a few days ago? The original author is Kobayashi Yasumi, a Japanese. But I cannot read Japanese and someone is nice enough to translate it all to Korean. So now I can read it. Ha!

Anyway, this drama confirmed what I had known all along – that it is completely possible for a mother to *not* love her own child.

I always wonder, those mothers who flushed their babies down the toilet, those mothers who left their babies at roadside, did they have that split second of doubt while they did it, did they look back when the babies start crying.

And despite all the comments from netizen of how they don’t understand how can a mother has the heart to throw away her child, I found, eerily, that I understand how it came to that.

I found pregnancy and motherhood difficult. But I do have a husband to support me through it all, bought me all my cravings, massaged my back, took me to numerous clinic visits. I have family and friends who are happy to see me with the baby. In a way, the baby made me feel loved.

The single mothers has it more difficult than that. Most difficult are the ones bearing a child out of wedlock. The boyfriends they thought loved them left. Their family threw them away. An embarrassment to their friends. They are shunned by society. And in their eyes, these changes came when they became pregnant. The strong-willed single mothers thrives through these on their own but the weaker ones can’t help thinking why are they losing everything because of these babies. Left with no support and love, everything doesn’t look very promising.

In the story, the mother can’t help but fall for the bad guy even when he abused her child, because he’s the only one who would love her. At the base of it all, a mother, despite how great a role she plays, is a woman who needs to feel loved.

So if you know any single mothers around you, give her your best support and love. She may seem strong naturally, but an extra help won’t hurt either.

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