Our Annual Dinner

Event planning isn’t all glamorous, you know. For instance, I was completely drenched when fetching the balloons under a thunderstorm. Well, walking into a car with a bunch of helium-filled in one hand and an umbrella in another isnt exactly feasible, you know. And I can’t remember the last time I kept my speed at 50kmph. Thanks to the rain, I had an excuse to drive super slow with the balloon obstructing my rear and right-side mirror view. Totally not cool.

But we made it through last night. Down to the getting physical presents ready on the day. I hugely appreciate the AEON team willingness to hustle through traffic to fetch them all on time. And believe it or not, all the departments came up with a performance! Even when it’s just video acting. I guess many of us are stage-shy. But my team came up with something really good: human puppet behind the cardboard box or whatever. I’m so proud of them for their cooperation

I didn’t get the ParkRoyal Penang Resort 3D2N holiday voucher. But. I won te pressure cooker. Ha ha ha. I was commenting on how it would be good to have a lady winner and bam! my name was on the paper. Much to the boos of the crowd. Because haha I’m the organizer, you see. But the winner of the holiday voucher is a guy. He came to the dinner with his wife and kid. His family would be thrilled he won it, they now have a holiday to look forward to. Such thoughts made me equally happy.

I’m the one who came up with the football team, but up until the morning I had zero ideas of what to wear. So I snatched my blue-gray sweater to pass as a training outfit. Lucky nobody realized the S word on its sleeve. The sweater was from my orientation days at S company. Ha! I wore those over Uniqlo Airy running shirt I bought the other week for SCKLM run, paired with a random track-bottoms. And still I was sweating in the air-conditioned hall. My tudung, I wore the same wet one from the rain. Uncomfortable, but I had no choice, I didn’t see the rain coming. So shhhh!

Now I have my drawings to attend to and you guys can stop talking to me about event for at least 3 months OK?

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