Of Pilihanraya

I forgot to bring my 앨리스 죽이기 book today, so I’m going to just talk random things.

Of politics, for example.

The voting season is here and we have loads of flags around our house that even Heartbeat notice. It’s my first time voting so my husband has been spamming me on political talks that I sometimes wish it would be over fast so I can get to enjoy my dinner again.

Last weekend, he even bought me the newspapers (plural, OK) and asked afterwards, “Have you read?”

Eekkk this guy just won’t leave me alone.

Truth be told, I haven’t thought of who to vote for. Ha ha ha. For I see no one good enough at their jobs that I would want to vote for them. Also, I find campaign talks (manifesto included) a kind of waste, because in the end the conclusion is the speaking party is good and will bring good, the opponent party is bad. That, no need to listen also I know.


I do believe the people (that is us, marhaen, not politician) vote for the people we believe will bring good to this country, because at the end it is what we wanted. Nobody vote for a certain party because they like the country to be corrupted whatever. So I guess, no need to bicker and shame and fight and putus saudara because of it. If they think differently than you, it’s still OK, because you don’t know if you are absolutely right either.

So again.

Jangan gaduh, OK?

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