Speaking Heartbeat

Grocery shopping became so much fun now Heartbeat can already speaks a lot. He’s also been doing let-me-touch/smell/see things at school I think, he does it at home to whenever he sees something new.

The other day during late night grocery shopping, my husband went to entertain Winter while Heartbeat sat in the grocery stroller with me. He started pointing at the green banana commenting, “I don’t like green ba-nay-na. I like yellow only.” We passed by pumpkins and, “I don’t like pumpkin.” Took broccoli and, “I like broccoli.” “Really?” I asked, disbelieve. “Yes, just like at school.” O.O

Went on to pick some tomatoes.

“Let me touch.”

Passed one to him. And I took one plastic bag to let him put the tomato in. And then I took another tomato.

“Omak need more?”

“Yes, omak needs more. Now, OK.”

I passed back the bag to him so he can put it into the trolley.

“What about three?”

“Three? Ok, three.”

I bent down and choose another tomato to make it three. While I was choosing,

“Then, what about four and five.”


Enough boy. You don’t eat tomatoes anyway.

Also, Heartbeat been using numbers to indicate how much/many he wants something.

Usually when eating, “Can I have three?” and put up three fingers.

To which we will reply, “No, five.”

But my husband always squeezing in more.

The other night when he did not want to go back home because he still wanted to play with his older cousin, it was, “Can I play with Kor-kor ten?” and put up ten fingers.

Funny lah you.

Somehow I missed the time when he was still learning how to say a word. He would say the syllabus very very careful. Too cute especially when he said Ahh-Choo. But never liked to call omak back then.

Soon it would be Winter’s turn. I can’t wait.

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