Me and Impulse Buying

Who is an impulse buyer, hands up!

*Me raise two hands to the ceiling.*

I am such an impulse buyer that even my food cravings are impulsive. When I want to eat something, it means now. There is no such things as wait until the weekends because by weekends my mind would have changed ten times.

So, a few days ago I decided to makeover my weekend wardrobe. Out of concern that people would think my husband did not provide me well that I ended up with jeans and tshirt all the time, I decided to add a few proper, more feminine blouses and pants to my closet. I went to this online shopping site and put in a few items into my cart. Just in time, a mail came asking me to do some survey for the site and in return they will give me a 10% discount code. Not much but if you are spending several hundreds, this will help. I, then, diligently answered all the questions to earned the code. Only to find out it is invalid. I contacted the customer sevice and the girl said she would check it out and let me know.

The issue, it turned out, took much longer than I had expected. I only received an email saying the code is ready the day after next, however by then I didn’t feel like buying anymore. All those things I put in my cart did not seem appealing anymore. I left it there for several days and today I finally removed them all.

It sounded like such a small deal, right? Waiting several days to get a good bargain is something anyone could do.

But I guess not for an impulse buyer like me. Buying at the first opportunity matters.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Or is there anyone else the same?

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