Winter Food

Winter finally eats!

I mean open-mouth-swallow-food kind of eat. Not the one where I have to pry open his mouth with his spoon.

Through the week I had given him several other food, different thing everyday. The whole 3-day-rule out the window because we already knew his allergies. So far, no upset stomach reported. I made him sweet potatoes, brown rice and oats.

But on Friday when I fetch him, the girl who handed him over told me that today he ate. And guess what food it was that day?


I had a lick of the puree in the morning and thought it was slightly overcooked that the broccoli started to have a tinge of bitterness.

But whatever. It’s not like he will eat pun. I had thought to myself.

And he did. 😅

Saturday morning I made potato puree. Heartbeat’s used-to-be favorite. Hand it to him now and he would go “Yucky!” I would scold him everytime he says that to food. Because, well, it’s food. It isn’t polite to say so even when you don’t like it.

Winter ate it. Although not that much, but he had stopped sealing his mouth shut and stopped trying vomit them all back out. He actually had around 5 feeds, I think.

Before we went out, I packed him sweet potato and apple puree. The combo turned out tasting a lot better than I thought. He finished almost half of the container. This time ready with open mouth to accept the food.

Sunday morning was potato and apple puree again. But he ate little this time. It made me wonder is it because he doesn’t like eating in the morning. He got brown rice and banana for lunch which he (and his cousin, Toncet) really liked, he finished almost 2/3 of it.

Today I packed pumpkin for breakfast and brown-rice and banana for lunch. Just as with Heartbeat, I cook the puree and porridge daily. At most, the food is refrigerated and consume the next day. I know it can be keep 3 – 5 days, and some people make frozen cube so it would be easier to prepare on working days, but I’m just extra paranoia, I’m afraid I don’t practice good enough hygiene and may spread bugs to my kids. Although hey, I do wash all the utensils multiple times and make sure they don’t touch any surface yada yada.

Now that Winter had started eating well, I stocked up on more veggies and fruits, hoping to be able to cook three different meals for him daily.

Because I would flip too if I have to eat nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

*wave goodbye*

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