My First Voting Experience

I had not been sleeping well that night, thanks to Heartbeat who couldn’t sleep and insisted to go out of the room to play. He even tried to sneak out when he saw me fell asleep only to be caught while he was trying to climb down the bed.

“I want to see if it’s morning time,” he had said.

So I woke up multiple times afterwards for Winter feeds, until the clock past 6 a.m, my husband woke up and asked what time are we going. I couldn’t remember what I answered, but he went out for Subuh prayer. I thought he had taken shower or the likes but when I came out he was sleeping on the couch.

I chose my black baju kurung with pink prints, the most neutral baju kurung I own, and matched with black square scarves. It has been ages since I wore black square. Before we went out, my husband had checked the internet and people were saying there are not that many people yet at the polling area.

When we arrived there were long lines outside the school 😑

We parked a long way away since all the nearby ones were occupied. Obviously you can’t improve the country if you change the government but still insist to park next to the door even when it’s illegal, and makes it difficult for others to pass. Duh. We pushed the stroller pass a few of the BN people stationed there for some last minute campaign, I think, but the guys were busy chatting among themselves. There were only 3 girls who were saying, “Selamat mengundi. Undi BN.” And those too, very shyly.

I pushed the stroller up to the lines and asked the police officer on duty how do I line up, by channel number or what. He looked at the stroller (you can only see Winter’s legs sticking out, the sun cover was fully down since it’s hot) and said, “Oh, baby. Puan jalan teruske depan, belah kiri.” He told me to cut the queues and went straight up to the counter. Oh, I was lucky? My husband, on the other hand, had to line up with Heartbeat.

The road is rocky, and Winter’s stroller isn’t built for rough outdoor surface, but along the way there were people helping me to get past big bricks and went up small step.

The counter ahead checked your names and channel number. I then pushed the stroller around the school to find channel 4. By then I was thinking how do kids nowadays survive at school. It was 9 in the morning and I was already drenched with sweat in my baju kurung, walking around. There were not so many people waiting outside channel 4, so I thought this time I would wait out. A girl in KL dUCk at channel 5 smiled at me as I passed through. Random, I know. Haha.

About two or three more people until my turn and Winter started crying. He had wanted to cry before but I had armed myself with a bunch of toys and was shaking rattles, rubbing plastic pages of his cloth book and making cooing sounds. So sorry to those who had to cross their ballot while listening to the whole kur-cheh kur-cheh kur-cheh kur kur pak pak pak kur kur pak pak pak. Must be annoying, I know.

I couldn’t bring him with me all the way, so I left him by the door where he stopped crying a bit when he saw the decorations the kids had put on the wall of their classroom. I went to the first officer, who took a look at Winter in the stroller, and handed her my myKad. She, then, read aloud my ID number along with my name as I proceeded to the next officer to dip my left forefinger.

I was expecting fluid in the bottle but my finger found a cold gooey, jelly (yucky?) substance. I pulled out my finger expecting them to pat it with cloth or something, but turned out they didn’t. She handed me the ballot so I was careful not to ruin it with the ink from my left hand. The ink later became such a mess, trickling down my palm and leaching to the finger next to it.

The better view. You really should’ve seen the other side of it.

As I went behind the box, the first officer had just finished reading my name. My head went blurred a bit seeing those list, trying to remember who I had decided to vote seconds ago when I was at the door. Haha, you know I must be one of those who sat longest on the fence.

Crossed it out, fold it back, and put it in the box.

And then I rushed to get Winter.

My husband was nowhere outside. As I headed to the car because now Winter is ultimately crying for milk, I heard a voice screaming, “Omak! Omaaakkk!!” Heartbeat was under the shades. Turned out they gave up the line because it’s too long and too hot to be standing together with Heartbeat (that boy sweats like crazy even at normal night temperature outdoor).

We decided to let Winter feed first and went for breakfast first before my husband went to do his citizen duty.

And what more patriotic breakfast than nasi lemak at the mamak? Ah too bad they don’t have sambal paru.

How did your first voting experience go by?

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