Ramadhan for Us

I have no real topic to discuss, only that I haven’t updated for a while and I’m itchy to write.

It’s Ramadhan!

How has yours been going so far? Mine is good, I cooked all the sahur and iftar so far, and I planned to do it everyday in Ramadhan. Doesn’t sound like a big thing to do? It is for me who wrestles time (and traffic!) everyday to get home in time so iftar meals would be cooked on time. And unlike many other companies, we don’t have shorter working hours in Ramadhan, so we pretty much go back as usual. My husband leaves his job much earlier but the traffic is 1.5 times bigger than usual too. So poor him.

My cooking plan so far was prepping everything in the morning; the onions and garlics chopping/mashing, the turmeric and salt marinades, if it’s curry day, I even ‘tumis’ the whole thing in the morning so I can throw it straight to the pressure cooker later. Ah talking about the pressure cooker, I still need to find the right amount of water to use each time, they usually ended up with very thin gravy.

Also, no too spicy food because:

1. I don’t want to upset anyone’s stomach the next day.

2. My husband is determined to introduce Heartbeat to a wider selection of proteins so he doesn’t end up asking us telur and chicken everytime. Also, we include in his meal whatever we are eating, curry or soy sauce. He was always eating plain rice previously and he had loved it.

Sahur is much easier. I woke up a lot late today. 5.05 a.m when I looked at the clock. Sheeshh, I didn’t hear the alarm. But a simple french toast will do for my husband, he doesn’t eat much in the morning. Even on normal days, he refuses to have breakfast too early because it upsets his stomach. Yesterday I wanted to have bread with the leftover curry, but when I woke him up he told me he doesn’t eat bread with curry. Six years of marriage and still I find out something new about him. So he had bread with scrambled egg.

The hard thing about it is, enduring Winter’s stare and protests as I went straight to the kitchen when I arrive home from work with my tudung and socks still on to cook. Usually I would be spending time with him after work. Sorry, Winter.

Heartbeat has to wake up earlier for school too. So I send him to bed early, he would toss about for some times before falling asleep.

Overall, the Ramadhan isn’t so difficult for us and our routine. Only I kept clocking in at work at 9. I hope I will be able to do an 8.30 next week.

I sincerely hope your Ramadhan is well too.

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