Review: Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm

I told my friends many times, if you let your kids watch Youtube like me, don’t let them watch Ryan’s Toy Review!

Heartbeat watches Ryan’s Toy Review a lot. While I’m thankful at how great his English had expanded, he had also asked us a few things from watching it. There was the Mega Card, Heat Blaster, Hot Wheels Osmo Mind Racer Game, trip to Crayola Experience, trip to Chuck E. Cheese… You get the picture. Most of the time, if it is available to us, we try to get it for him. Nothing wrong with buying toys, Winter can inherit it all anyway. I even asked my friend who was on business trip to US to see if he can find me the Osmo game. Fat chance! That thing must sell faster than the new dUCk. And the last two things, oh well, I will need my husband to join politics to let us afford the air tickets.

One day on his way home from school, Heartbeat told daddy, “I want to go cut strawberries.” He showed him gesture of cutting imaginary strawberry with finger scissors.

“He must have watched it somewhere on Youtube,” my husband told me when they arrived home.

During dinner, later that night, Heartbeat went, “Omak, look! I want to go cut strawberries like this,” while showing me the phone screen. And who do you think were happily strawberry-picking?


From Ryan’s Toy Review.

From then on, he busily pleaded for a strawberry-picking experience.

This morning, we all got into the car ready for Winter’s 3rd pneumococcal jab. I rummaged through the dashboard drawer to retrieve his vaccine record, only to realize I got the date wrong. It is supposed to be next week. So we have a free morning and therefore can bring Heartbeat straight to fish-feeding, which he requested earlier at home when he saw we got the Gardenia’s chocolate waffle. This boy some more want to feed expensive waffle to fish =.=”. We ended up throwing cheaper bread to fish at the lake nearby. No one was there at that moment, just us 😆.

So I said if we finished our *ek ehem* errand at Pavillion early, maybe we should do that trip up Genting Highlands to the strawberry farm. My husband found out there is one less than an hour away from where we live. So by noon we were already climbing Genting Highlands.

My first time to Genting Highlands, if you should know.

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm was located at an area called Gohtong. You don’t have to climb that high up, at the roundabout where you take right to Awana Hotel, take left instead and climb straight up. After the next roundabout where you take a 12 o’clock, the farm would be on your right, opposite of an apartment I can’t remember its name.

The entry fee to the farm is RM12 for adults and RM8 for children. I couldn’t hear what the girl at the counter said was the age limit for children, but Heartbeat is 4 and we had to pay for him. So I figured must be lower than that.

Shortly after you enter, the strawberry picking area is on your left. Here, you have to pay RM8 for every 100g of strawberry picked.

There they were in there picking read strawberries. Winter was kangaroo-ing with me, and my palazzo was earth-sweeping, so I prefer not to spend long in the dirt.

Alternatively, you can buy the ready-packed strawberries – RM16 each pack.

And then from there, it is a LONG way out. First there is a lavender farm uphill. My husband seemed more enthusiastic to take my photo with the flowers than I do.

NOT lavender. Ha ha ha. But flowers anyway.

Here is lavender. I’ll tell you a secret. I used to love lavender. Because I used to love purple. Now I don’t have color preference anymore. What I buy changes according to my mood. Ha ha.

And some more flowers.

And MORE flowers. Lol.

And then, after the lavender farm trip we went down to where they marked as exit way.

I thought it was the end. How wrong I was!

In front of the toilet at the exit of the strawberry area is a slide, which Heartbeat enjoyed greatly.

After the slide, there was an “earthquake simulation” they called it. But I figured it was just one of those 4D games. Walk further up there was a stall selling honey from the nearby bee farm. And ahead is a photo booth; you can take photos with their birds. There was this particularly huge parrot but he was looking the other way when we passed.

And then there was a cafe on the left. They sell waffles and there is a chocolate fountain I supposed to dip your stawberry in. On the right they sell strawberry drinks mix like strawberry chocolate and strawberry milk tea. I’m a fan of milk tea but not of strawberry-derived products. So I shudder to think how my favorite drinks will taste like.

And then there’s the whole maze of other souvenirs ranging from magnet fridges, keychains, plushies, to clothes. There was a tunnel of toys and I had dreaded Heartbeat would ask of anything.

After all those shops, we emerged to another flower farm area. Lots and lots of them that I told my husband if they don’t have a flower shop at the end of these I would be flabbergasted. By then, regardless of its “highlands” status, I was sweating. And then you wonder where did your kids get their sweaty genes from.

Heartbeat smelling rose. Lol you.

They don’t have flower shop at the end. Cis, I had just thought of buying some hydrangeas or daisies.

We went to Genting Highlands Premium Outlet for the kids’ lunch and diaper change afterwards. I like the atmosphere better there, suitable for outdoor shopping like Premium Outlets settings. I only checked Ted Baker out and nothing else. After all, I don’t have anything I want in mind.

Except doilies.

No, don’t remind me of that.

So, all in all, the farm was really good. Heartbeat enjoyed the strawberries. He exclaimed “sedapnyeeee” when eating it, to which I felt like rolling my eyes. Except for the fact that the way out is too long. My waist almost broke from carrying Winter. If you don’t plan to go into the farm with your baby for strawberry picking, I would suggest to just push a stroller since their walkway isn’t that narrow.

Coming up next post is the baby room review for Genting Highlands Premium Outlet. That is when I have the time to write.


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