Of Bags and Shoes. Or Maybe Just Bags.

I had never believed there would come a day when I will *need* five different bags in my closet.

I’m not a bag person. I know women are associated with bags and shoes all the time, that’s how names like Birkin (ek ehem) came to live in this world. But I’m not one of those women. In fact, my husband is very convinced that I am very unlike many many women because of how well I am at reading maps and directions.

Back when I was in university, I had a lot of bags. But that isn’t because I *need* them. Nice everyday bags are cheap in Korea. You can get them with KRW10,000. My housemate must have had twice what I had. At that time the short-strapped shoulder bags were in. I had a lot of the small ones I used to put in my phone (which at that time is much smaller than my palm) and my wallet. The end. Haha. I never used to have much to carry around and these two can fit well inside my coat’s pocket that somehow the carrying of bags had become unnecessary for me.

Fast forward to when I just got married, my husband used to buy me small slings as presents. He thinks I use it well to put my stuffs, and that slinging is a safer way to carry bags. At the least, it won’t keep falling off my shoulder. Such practical husband I got. So I wear the one bag he gave me day in and day out. Only changing it the following year when I got a new one. The same can be said about my shoes, I think. The same converse day in and day out until I got a new one the next year. Haha.

Fast forward some more to when I have kids. When Heartbeat was a baby, I was back to bagless because I dumped my phone and wallet into his diaper bag. Ha! But now that I have two of them, my go-to bag is my le pliage, famous among mom. Useful to carry all the necessities: diapers big, diapers small, changing mat, nursing cover, wet wipes, toys, books, biscuits, water bottles, things you just bought, your husband’s wallet… you name it. But on days when I don’t go out with my family though, the L sized longchamp miserably filled with just one book I was reading, my small phone and my small wallet that it makes me wonder if it is really necessary to even bring it along.


So if you are finding me a present for whatever event it is you find an excuse to buy me things, please note that I need a small sling bag. Cheap ones are OK, no need fancy Charles & Keith or anything.

The end.

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