[#fariniminusten] Restarting

I am officially restarting my #fariniminusten today. Oh come on, any person undergoing weight loss regime must have done the restarting thing at least one. It’s not just me, admit it.

This time, I even put a timeframe of two months. That was in the heat of trying to convince my sister in-laws that I am doing this seriously. So I guess I’m just going to plunge myself head first into the cold water.

Breakfast was kuayteow goreng with ayam goreng. I know, not exactly the best choice for someone who needs to lose 10kg. But it’s breakfast, people! Bahaha. I am going to take lighter meals from then on.

But my colleague had one container of kuih raya on his desk. So I casually went over and helped myself to two kinds before walking back to my desk and remembered that I was supposed to eat less. Lol, this is tough.

I currently at rooftop because NX still has not finish aborting my simulation. Climbed up 125 steps so that I can enjoy my latte guilt-free.

What do you do when you want to lose weight?

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