Drooping Lids

My going-out attitude goes like this: the later in the day the going-out is, the lazier I am to go.

I like having things done in the morning.

Which explains why we had always thought parking fee at KLCC is expensive until recently; because we had always went to KLCC before 12 and leave at lunch time but the cheap parking rate starts after 12 noon. Lol.

Which explains, too, why my favorite meal of the day is breakfast and I look forward to having breakfast outside, I don’t know why. I don’t bother about other meals, but breakfast outside is a sign of a good day. A productive one.

So when it’s already 2.30 pm and I thought of driving all the way to Jaya Grocer for grocery shopping.. ugh maybe I’ll just do it on weekend instead.

I haven’t had lunch and I know we are not supposed to skip meal when trying to lose weight, but whatever my eyelid is heavier than my phone. The entire morning at the hospital has obviously spent me.

So guess I see you later.

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