To Elisya.

Dear Lisya,

I randomly thought about you the other day as I drove home. It has been years we haven’t heard from each other. Over those time, I had to re-format my phone causing me to lose your address and I found out you aren’t using your previous number anymore. Our friendship is really a strange one, filled with on and off phase stretching from 16 years ago. And boy, you are really good at disappearing/staying invisible, a trait I envy greatly about you. But then again, if I were the same, I wouldn’t be the same talkative girl whose mouth you would like to stuff with selipar back in school now, would I?

The last we met must be at your house for breakfast. Heartbeat was barely a year old at that time. You must see him now, he’s big enough to ask me to buy him Angry Bird gummies he saw on Youtube. And he has a brother now(!) which he loves dearly but gets angry at whenever the baby touches the toys he was playing with. I bet now it would be harder to hold our breakfast meet-ups; Heartbeat’s brother, Winter, is too clingy with me, he couldn’t last more than an hour with his dad. One time I got home late and discovered my husband looking completely disheveled trying to stop him crying. Which he immediately ceased once I picked him up.

And oh, we moved house too! Nothing spacious like your place, but a home nevertheless. I have to admit, I’m not the quiet, laid-back type you are, I much prefer a bustling life so our house location is just perfect: the mall is within walking distance, lol. We still haven’t had the chance for that Australia trip. Having babies and all, we figured it would be better to wait until they grew a bit bigger to walk on their own. I hope by then they won’t be asking for strollers. But if we do make it there (haha!) I’ll make a point to visit Melbourne, just to remember you. But hey, we did visit Singapore with my in-laws. But we only had enough time for Sentosa Island and murtabak. I am finding excuse in the form of Heartbeat-wants-to-go-see-dolphin to explore the city using their MRT.

A lot more things had happened in-between the gaps. For whatever reasons, it must be why I feel like talking to you. Strange though our friendship is, at times, it is the one I feel I need to go back to. I hope things are going well on your end. Maybe with a kid or two. I could just imagine you being a lovely mom to a daughter as smart and as poised as you. But a son also OK, no problem, I just could not imagine a boy-version of you. Ha!

Until then.

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