That Tiny Break

When my milk suffered 2 days ago, I had the choice of staying up late at night to further power pump so I get enough to send to the nursery the next day or to just send him formula. I chose the latter.

Had I not do so and continue staying up for the sake of “fully BFing” title, I would only be jeopardizing my health more and killing my supply further.

Fascinatingly, I found that one of the reasons I could still last this long is because I don’t mind supplementing. I know what they said, that once you supplement your supply would sink. Some mothers go further on how we shouldn’t even think of supplementing because, well, our mindset is important. But because I am weird (yes, I am weird) it doesn’t work that way for me. Knowing I can supplement, in a way, stress me less. Of course I want to give him as much as I could, but knowing it’s OK if I couldn’t makes the burden of making milk less heavy.

So I asked my husband to choose one formula, buy the smallest pack available and sent them to the nursery. I took my much needed rest yesterday, a good sleep, eats well and already my supply back to full, I sent the complete bottles to the nursery again today.

In addition to that, I woke up with more energy. I didn’t loathe cooking dinner and cleaning afterwards, I even planned on what to cook the next day. I made mental notes again to restart laundry managements and to take care of the house chores once again.

Sometimes, that small tiny break may be the thing you need to last longer in the race.

Although I won’t complain if I also get a dUCk.

Ha ha.

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