The Avenue at Tamarind Square

Today is the kind of day for a latte. Although of course anyday is OK for a latte. But today, especially.

Phew, planning an event from scratch is no kidding. I usually just hired a hotel or event company and start from there, but this time people asked for a cost-down version, so I basically has to hunt everything down. From venue to caterer to planning games.

I am, however, lucky that I got a supportive husband to help me with whatever thing I decided to do. Because can you imagine having to go check a venue when you can’t drive? Or going to food-tasting somewhere you can’t even find a parking space? If I’m going to be a fulltime event planner, I’m going to be a broke one because a huge portion of my charge would go to Grab uncles.

This time around, after a multiple calls to find a decent event space (there isn’t many small spaces to fit 30 people), I was given a name. The Avenue at Tamarind Square. The first event space said they are too big, supposed to fit hundreds, but The Avenue might have something smaller. The girl had asked me to google it out.

Tamarind Square is the newly opened commercial area in Cyberjaya. The developer is Tujuan Gemilang, which may sound like an unpopular developer (my working-in-construction husband also did not know that name) but you would know their other project: PJ Trade Centre. Tamarind Square has the same concept (which I really love because their bidet has good water pressure) but in a bigger scale. The center area just look infested with greens.

Parking area
Lush of greens. There is Heartbeat over there šŸ˜†[[[[[[[[
Shallow pond
Because I find this stairs interesting. Yeah, Iā€™m weird.

View from rooftop

I had wanted to post more photos, but I’m too lazy to watermark them up šŸ˜‚.

The Avenue is located at the corner of Block D2 on the fifth floor and finding elevator can be a bit tricky (or maybe it’s just us šŸ¤”) but who cares, I would love a bit of a walk through these anyway.

So in case you are finding a really good event space, call up The Avenue at Tamarind Square. Their hall can fit around a hundred people (I forgot the real number) at a time and they also rent out the rooftop space separately for a smaller group. The rent would include dining table (with choice of gold or white tablecloth) along with gold chiavari chairs. They are having a free event venue promotion from July to September where you absolute pays nothing to use their space if you use their partner vendors for catering or decoration purpose. But if you choose to use an external vendor, you may need to pay a small administrative charges. Still, if you compare it to the real charges of the space, you are saving big on this one. They may be contacted at asktheavenue@gmail.com.

I’ll post more photos here later during our event.

Until then, I will just hold it up for Fix Meeting today šŸ˜©

P/S: This place also holds the biggest bookstore in Malaysia, BookXcess, and they are opened 24 hours! Our time was short then, I could just check the bookstore out very very quickly and they are doing fire drill so fire alarm was blaring everywhere with notice that fire shutters would go down so you better stay out of the way. Next time, baby, next time.

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