Missing Tokyo

I never thought I could ever miss Tokyo. 7 years in Korea and never once did I thought of visiting it. In fact, I never even had the desire to visit places. Ha ha.

But yesterday I watched a Japanese drama. And realized how much I miss Tokyo and wanted to go back.

I spent only a two nights there. And didn’t get to explore much, but maybe it’s the inability to explore much that makes me want to go back and finish those undone business. I long to have a walk through Shibuya; I’ve seen the crossing but had wanted to see more of the place. I had ride the train all by myself to Skytree but had wished I had more time to spend around the mall.

I told this to my friend, to which she said, maybe it’s time I take that air-ticket to Japan. Lol, I wish. For the time being I could not afford a trip to Tokyo, it was just too expensive. Even my tiny hotel room which barely has space to pray costed around USD100 per night. I will not even discuss the food price, the last time I was there, my boss paid for my food. Ha ha.

But yeah I miss Tokyo a lot.

Somebody, pay for my trip please!

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