A Lazy Sunday Morning

Today I will jusy write pointlessly. Because pointless writings is what I had wanted this blog to be about at the beginning – just pointless story.

It’s early Sunday morning of a long weekend. Everybody is still sleeping, tired from the previous day roadtrip, I guess. We went back to Johor for a cousin’s reception, visited dad’s grave, made a dash for our favorite murtabak, soto begedil lebih and lontong goreng, send mom back and then head home having dinner in the car.

Winter refused to sit in his carseat anymore, I think a whole day in the car flipped him. So I had to hold the sleeping him while hoping nothing happened while my husband was speeding. And he’s still sleeping well right now. Ergh, so cute when sleeping, but a monster when screaming.

Heartbeat was harder to send to sleep. I let him settle down on his own like I always do, he came out of the room saying, “I want to sleep with Omak.” So off I went, patting, singing and lulling him to sleep.

At this moment seeing them all sleeping around me, it occured to me:

I am always surrounded with guys.

At work or at home, most of the people around me are male.

Is that why I am less girly and don’t dress well?

Heartbeat just woke up, and after an I-want-Omak he said, “Eh, maybe I have to clean up!” because yesterday we made an arrangement to just stay home and tidy up today.

Um.. along with the promise he can invite his friends over after he tidied up.

Um.. which I hope he won’t remember.

Good morning people. Enjoy your remaining day off!

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