[Europe Trip] Planning Stage One (still!)

Yeah the work is neverending.

I stopped at mode of transportation to which people asked me did I consider driving? Actually, yes. I do have that option up my sleeves. But for now lets stick to public transportation for easy preparation.

At many times, I try to get a night train if I can afford it because:

1. You save time traveling while you are sleeping.

2. You save money for not needing to book a hotel.

Ha! I may not come off as a cheapskate person, but when it comes to planning, I find it an achievement to be able to survive with the lowest cost possible, without jeopardizing comfort. I know the whole good-thing-is-not-cheap concept, but with a tweak of cleverness here and there, you may be able to save a lot of money.

And here comes the next step.


Hotel in Europe isn’t cheap. Although I love luxurious hotel with white sheets and bathtub, I would not trade my London shopping spree for it. While some places like Germany has good budget hotels, the usual low cost accomodation in Rome is B&B, which I still have trouble being OK with, but I guess I will just try.

But in case you have to have a hotel, I would suggest you to register with all those hotel membership like Marriott Rewards or SPG. Some hotels in Europe, for instance NH Collection, has chains in multiple country. These membership sometimes come with perks, free upgrades or members discount etc. If you are going to stay 14 days in a hotel room, you better make use of those point system.


After looking at all of the above, you will already have an costing image ready. At this point, my rough costing for 10 days across 7-8 cities are RM20,000. This amount includes flight to London for two adults and two kids, inter-country transportation (a mix of trains and flights) and accomodation. Not included in the costing is local transportation and meal.

So, congratulations! You can now present this itinerary to your spouse and starts saving up on those initial cost first.

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