The Power of Doa

I don’t kid when I say #dontplayplaywithdoa. I understand very much how powerful a doa can be.

One time, I saw a wedding photo of a friend with her divorced parents sitting together. Suspiciously, I asked if the parents had already decided to be friends (if I’m not mistaken, it was talak tiga). She said they had re-married for quite some times. A few months later, I found in the middle of my things a note of doa I had brought with me to Makkah. I had recited a doa for her family years ago, I just forgot all about it. My hair stood on end.

The other time, I won this pressure cooker during lucky draw at my sector annual dinner. I rarely ever get lucky in a lucky draw. As I excitedly set the pressure cooker up for use, I had a vague flashback of me making doa wanting a pressure cooker (or an airfryer, I can’t remember) but not wanting to buy it, I had asked it to be a present. Yeah, I know it’s weird asking for a present in your doa when people usually ask for rizq/wealth to buy what they want, but it was what I wanted back then, I made a doa and there, a pressure cooker in my house! Chilling, right.

Often time we may just have forgotten that we had asked for it. But when we do remember, it send a chill down our spine, a great reminded how very very small you are and how great Allah is. And that doa is indeed a powerful weapon for the Believers.

Make your doa today. And one for your friend too. It doesn’t cost you anything. You can ask for that new oriental duck for free. Or that Maldives retreat you had always wanted. Or that guy who seems too good for you. Or even one of the biggest gift ever: a house in the highest Jannah.

Anything can!

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