Winter Turns One

I was glued to my seat for more than an hour rectifying a 3D model. Yes, I’m in love with 3D modelling if you haven’t guessed it yet. And somehow this tiny little fact makes me sad.

More on that later. For now.

It’s Winter’s birthday! I didn’t quite get to savor the feelings today as I was busy with work but hey, I didn’t get to savor the feeling last year too, because I was still heavily drugged after the operation.

Winter was in oblique lie position when my labor started. He had been in that position for weeks, the doctor wouldn’t try anything since my womb already has a caesarean scar from Heartbeat. So when contraction started I already know it will be another caesarean.

I remember cuddling Heartbeat as the only child for the last time while waiting for my husband taking his shower before we go to the hospital. It was early morning. 5 am I think when we left the house. I had had contractions since 2 am and spent the next few hours marvelling at how constant the wave of pain was.

A few more hours later I was ready to beg the anaes to quickly give me the shot already.


My doctor had a busy morning that day. Shortly after I arrive, one more of her patients came in to deliver too. It was said she had a few at the labor room before she can attend to my operation. So there I was lying in OT, breathing contractions and waiting patiently.

She arrived in OT and asked how was I doing, I remember it was the same question she asked when I had my previous caesarean too. But this time the anaes had to make conversation to make sure I did not fall asleep. Boy, I slept for only 3 hours, I can’t wait for this to be over.

So, when people asked me afterwards, how do I feel, I always answered: Sleepy.

Winter was small. And fair. I got people questioning where did Heartbeat gets his fair skin, and the questions just increased with Winter. Each time I tell people, I am fair, they don’t look convinced.

Winter also likes adult food. She refused to have porridge anymore and would eat what he sees me eating. The moment I sit at the dining table, he would crawl over and asked to be picked up too. He’s also been eating my chocolate and books. Other hobbies include pulling hair, be it his hair or Heartbeat’s hair. I got Heartbeat complaining last night about Winter pulling his hair. “Nanti tak hensem,” he had said. That one must be his Abah’s teaching. Winter still doesn’t have teeth. And he still can’t stand on his own. He still looks like a baby in a way.

So there, I told Heartbeat we should be buying present for Winter later. Would you like to see what he choose for his brother?

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