Books and Giveaway (feat: Book Barter Cafe)

Edited: Due to some circumstances, I may not be able to give out the Berry Sorbet, but you can choose between Aurora or Custard. Both I equally like.

We decided to buy Winter books as his birthday present. Yes, I know it sounds sad since his mom got four dUCks, but hey I would seriously be happy if I got books too. And Winter is such a Book-Eater (sounds like a Death-Eater but they do different things) I think he would love it.

What a Book-Eater does with my book.

So, like a normal Malaysian reader, we headed to BookXcess at Tamarind Square because it is where you get beautiful kids books with low prices. Not that I’m being stingy to my own kids especially when it comes to books, but if you know the books has a possibility to go on a journey through your baby’s digestive system and come out again with their poops, why would you want to spend so much on it.

And after some times going through the labyrinth where Heartbeat shed tears and kept telling us he wanted to go home because he was scared of the Halloween decoration on display, my husband wanted to take Winter’s 1-year-old photos around the place. It was when they were busy shooting that I found this little gem.

The tiny signboard read “Book Barter Cafe” caught my eyes.

In case you still can’t tell, I am a book enthusiast. Maybe I started out as a child book-eater like Winter, I don’t know, but I am in love with books. My reason of finding a decent job after graduating is so that I can afford more books.

So I passed my husband the Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk I (and Winter) was drinking and checked the place out.

The sign outside.

It was a quaint cafe, with only three tiny tables for two. They serve coffee with assortments of pastries and cakes.

In addition to the individual tables, there are 4 stools facing the bar. And that was all there is in the tiny space and one more cart on the left.

A cart filled with books.

As the name suggests you can exchange your books with the ones here! I had a quick sweep at the titles and must’ve only heard about a few of them. No, it doesn’t mean I don’t read enough. It means they have those titles you don’t find much elsewhere. For someone who likes book, I don’t go to mph because of this reason: they usually only have those popular titles. For a wider choice of books, I go to Kinokuniya. Or there is this another independent bookshop “Lit Books” I haven’t checked out but heard is fabulous.

You can try scan for anything you like, but for now I am eyeing one about 100 crime case or something.

For more info, you can check out their IG: bookbartercafe. They have some amazing-looking cakes and pastries but when I was there, there weren’t many left on the tray. I didn’t try them out yet, so cannot say anything about the coffee or the cakes.

But if you are ever at Tamarind Square, do drop by along with your books. Who knows you might stumble into one of mine there too!

Giveaway Time!

I honestly took a long time to think of what I want you guys to do for this giveaway. This isn’t a kind of marketing so no need to like and share my page to others or the likes.

Instead I think it’s time to get to know my readers better.

So, please do tell me your fondest memory as a kid with books, or your dad (I will tell how the two related in the next post). You can make the post on your instagram and hashtag #tcmgiveaway so I can read it.

So, pens (or keyboard) up, people!

Edit: I forgot my fb folks don’t know yet about the giveaway. I have an extra dUCk Organizer Bag in Berry Sorbet so I am giving them away.

It’s perfect to organize stuff on big totes. I put it in my large-sized LC bag to organize the kids stuff.

It can also double up as your lunchbag. I know I’ll be using mine as one as well!

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