Of Being Positive

I shared the below on my FB page some times back. The page has been deactivated for inactivity but I would like to save the post here.

As much as I hate to admit it, I see evidence that people who are hugely successful in their career are *very* positive. Too positive, in fact, it may annoy us the non-positive. But face it, you need to be positive to be successful.

One. Positivity let you be confident that every problem has a solution. You will then focus on finding one that works and won’t be pulled down when you hit a dead end.

Two. Positivity means you assume good things of everybody surrounding you. You don’t spend energy on how or why people act a certain way and you won’t be bothered by them. This leaves you to focus only on things that really matters.

I have this American guy who is my direct mentor in my job (I am blessed with talented mentor a lot of the time). He is someone big in the company. And each time he shows me his work for an example, I die a bit inside, thinking I can never arrive there, at his level. But instead of telling me how big a gap between his work and mine and how I should work harder to close it, he is full of positivity that I am doing well right now, that everything is on track and it’s OK to start slow and not know that many things. Instead of pointing at my flaws, he focuses on the real thing at hands.

Oh. And one time his son called when we were having discussion to let him know something and he was full of positive comments to him too. And then before he hung up, he told him, “Thank iyou for calling me.” For a son/daughter to call their parents, we would expect it of them. But for the parents to let the son/daughter knows how much he appreciates that call, that is the first time for me to hear so. It lets them know they are loved.

One day, in future, when Heartbeat or Winter gives me a call, I hope I’d be saying the same thing to them too.

So that they know they are loved.

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