The Nutcracker and Forgetfulness

OK I know I’ve been neglecting this too much, but I’ve been neglecting a lot of other things as well. For instance, my Japanese language study, my readings, my Europe trip planning. You get the picture.

Yesterday my husband took the day off to go to the bank. He lost his ATM card.

My husband is a very careful person, which is why he’s doing his job very well; it needs a really careful person to count money, you know. Each time we go out, before he leaves he will check that we’ve got everything. He would ask me did I bring my phone, did I forget my glasses, what about my telekung. He makes sure we pay all the bills on time. He simply doesn’t lose his things because he’s careful enough to remember where he puts an important what.

On the other hand, ek ehem, yours truly is mighty clumsy and extremely forgetful. Which is a wonder how I remember all those formulas and facts for engineering school exams, not to mention all those vocabulary and Hanja for my Korean Language papers. I lose a lot of things, frequently my glasses, and forgets where I placed my brooches and pins, which annoys my husband because someone in the house might accidentally step on them or something. One time I slammed my own car door onto my own finger. Another time I pushed the door open too small for even myself to fit in, which my then-colleague laughed extremely hard about it for days after. Ceh.

But. While this gives me a hard time scouring the house for my glasses when I was already late for work, it also makes me loosen up a bit. I am more laid back and I don’t get upset when I cannot find something, because well, it happens every other day. My husband, on the other hand, lost his head, because clearly an ATM card is a super important thing to him and he couldn’t believe he lose it. When he told me about it, I shrugged it off with, “Report to the bank and make a new one.” But he wouldn’t give up, he searched up the house high and low, recalling events, insisting it must be somewhere. Yeah, it won’t be vaporizing into thin air, but you can’t find it so just make a new one and move on. That thing stayed in his mind for days, he almost went mad over it.

No, this doesn’t mean I need him to be more laid back like me. I still need a seriously careful person to manage our family’s financial issues. It just means that there is good in everything. You just need to look at it from another way.

Anyway, I didn’t plan to talk so long about me and my husband. I wanted to say that we brought Heartbeat to the cinema yesterday to watch The Nutcracker and The Four Realms.

Heartbeat had been to several movies. Three including this one if I remember correctly. The first one was the Lego Batman. He lasted an hour and that too after a multiple lets-go-home. The second time was Despicable Me 2 which he watched with his cousins so he lasted till the end because his older cousin had stayed. This one he lasted too, althought there were several times of the lets-go-home phrase, especially when the clowns appeared. For some reasons, Heartbeat is afraid of clowns. We don’t know what makes he think clowns are scary, but he’s even scared of Ronald McDonald. Lol.

My take on the movie: it is a weak movie, when I think about it this morning. It isn’t as highly impactful as Alice in Wonderland, although it has the same narration of a girl wandering into a secret other world. And the storyline reminds me of Oz, The Great and Powerful, but unlike Oz, there are less bright and colorful scene, although they have the Land of Flowers, making it seems less animated and less another-worldly then Oz. I like the nutcracker uniform Clara wore, though, it looks really neat. And the idea of hanging strings for treasure hunting seems fun.

I spent some time over dinner reading history of nutcracker soldier afterwards, because it’s what my husband and I both love to do: getting to know the origin of something. Nutcracker soldiers originated from Germany, from the time when people carved things out of woods. Old folks believed them to guard the house from evil spirit by baring their teeth. No, they don’t, by the way. Nowadays they are only used as decoratives, or as presents and souvenirs.

So, there you go. One lengthy post. I hope this will last you till next week.


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