Memoir of A Rainy Day

I love this kind of weather. There is a chill in the air. And melancholy.

It was raining early morning today and it rained a bit more as I arrive at work, that I had to open up my umbrella. It isn’t the kind of rain I’m scared of. It’s the kind of rain I love. The one you see as one season changes into another. And this time of year, it’s Awesome Autumn changing into Wonderful Winter.

If I were to be asked what memory a rainy day brings, today it brings me to those of a variety of umbrellas opened up, littering the corridor of Language Education Institute of Seoul National University, waiting to dry as their owners went to their respective classes. It was quite a view. One that I miss.

And then there was the wet pavement with autumn leaves on the side. Hands tucked deep into coat, while you wish you would have worn one more layer. The smelly crushed ginkgo smell to ruin everything. And grey sky took over the milky blue. I wish time would stop then so I can inhale everything in and never let go.

A truly beautiful weather. The one before the very first snow of the season.

And then everything became dirty and slippery.


But I love you most, Wonderful Winter.


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