JLPT Test Over!

Make one click mistake and I waste more than an hour. Sigh. What a way to start Wednesday.

On a brighter note, it means I have free time to update my blog! Yay!

I have not been updating because I was busy with JLPT study, seriously. Although I did stole times watching Korean drama ha ha ha but pretend you didn’t know this, OK. On Monday, I borrowed my colleagues, JLPT sample test book and realized there really is a heck lot of things I still don’t know. In short, I was not anywhere near ready for the test. So in the following days, I crammed 726 words into my Japanese vocabulary section somewhere in my brain, ultimately sorry if any memory about you got erased in the process, because more than the grammar you need to understand the word first to guess what the sentence is about.

In case you are asking, like many others have asked me, I do not take Japanese Language classes. Internal or external. The company holds free classes for those who are interested to learn every Tuesday and Thursday, but due to commitment constraint, I do not take them. Neither do I take outside classes on weekend because I have kids to spend time with. But bear in mind that I can do this because this isn’t my first experience with and East Asian language. The language construction is much like Korean that the basics came easy to me. Except the memorizing 726 words part. I honestly did not memorize the Kanji. I know what they mean, but not what they are called in Japanese. Ha ha ha. And my Katakana is worse than that, I only found out how to write my name in it less than an hour before exams. You know, just in case we have to on the exam paper. Shrugs.

The exam was much less difficult than I expected it to be, compared to the sample test I took on Monday. I was surprised I can already read the passage well, although not very fast. I just had enough time to finish all the questions and did some checks before the time’s-up call came up. So in advance, no matter what the result is (they only comes out like 2 months later =.=) I would like to thank my husband ha ha ha for letting me have some quiet study time at coffee shop, and letting me lock myself up in the room to study more so that 1-year-old round-headed monster who just knew how to walk would not be able to sunk his gum into my books corner and attempt to chip them away. I now have high respect on those people who still pursue study even with small kids on tow. That is not an easy thing to do.

So in the time between that and now, I’ve been celebrating post-exam with 7 pieces of keria gula melaka (I know, I know), watching Netflix and get back to reading.

I resumed this one first since I think I can finish it quickly, but I found, not really. The facts are fascinating but the story-telling can be a bit boring. At one point it discusses social isolation felt by patients in vegetative state, how people think they are not there anymore, and therefore were not talked to or read to or included in conversation or decision-making. It reminds me of dad.

Dad wasn’t in vegetative state, not even close. A lot of the times he’s aware, he can talk but not very clearly due to those mucus build-up in his throat. But there are times when he just fell asleep and then regain consciousness again. I wonder if, through that time, if we had talked with him a bit more, read with him a bit more, played with him a bit more, will he feel like fighting more. But then again the ordeal is just too exhaustive for him, I guess.

Also, I got another book to introduce to you.

Ta-daahh!! A proper planner, bought with my own money. Previously my planner was either a present, or a free giveaways from others, mostly my husband’s. Lol. But since I am planning for the Europe trip, I figure I want to put up a nice design note for it. This will be where I store all ideas and info for the trip along with my next JLPT test progress (I am aiming an N4 next June). So people, please meet The Book of Not-Work.

I’ll review the book more later since I couldn’t take that many picture of it yesterday. As soon as Winter saw it, he started saying “Mamma mamma” which to him means food/eat. So I’ve been keeping it in my closet along with my dUCk tower and I hope it won’t stay there for the rest of next year.


Oh I also got Keria Gula Melaka review for you in case you are interested. But for now, sign off!

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