50-Posts- Challenge

A few days ago, I made a resolution to arrive early at the office so I can go back early and prepare dinner. So today, just like yesterday, I promptly woke up at around 5 am and started preparing. And just as yesterday, at roughly 7.15 am, I was pushing the stroller out the door. I’m going to clock in before 8 again!

And then I got a text from Winter’s nursery that he has a fever.

And then I had to bring him to the clinic.

And then here I am on the bed typing away on my blog because I just need to stare at my kid while he’s sleeping.


My friend gave me a list of 50 topics I should blog about. Ha ha ha. Blogging is so 10 years ago, she had said, to which I agree. But if you just like writing the way I do, (and reading people’s blog the way I do) even 20 years won’t matter. Like that 90s boyband song you like, does it ever goes out of style? Never.

So keep your eyes wide open. From today onwards I will be writing daily of the 50 topics (2 posts per day if I got other things to say. Scratch head) and then I’m gonna reward myself with a Venti-sized latte, don’t care if from here to there I got 20 lattes already.

See you on my next post!

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