[Post 1/50] The 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

A classic topic. Really. But I guess I just have to think harder for this one because, um, you all know me a tad too well already.

1. Purple used to be my favorite color.

Now, if you know me past 2008, chances is you don’t know this. Because I dropped the whole ga-ga and went neutral then. But I used to like everything purple. Even my alarm clock back in Daerim (yeah, I had an alarm clock) was purple. People used to ask me why purple and my answer was because it is red and blue together. Both fiery and cool at the same time. Now I have a good appreciation of color and likes all of them. Lol.

2. I gag at the smell of toothpaste.

I vaguely remember this started at 16 years old although I don’t quite know why. From there on I had always use the same toothpaste (Colgate Kayu Sugi), the one I think have the least minty smell. Even through my years residing abroad, I would bring stocks of toothpaste with me so I never had to buy a new one. If ever forced to use the only toothpaste available, I would put a really tiny dot just because. That would be much better than having all my dinner coming out again.

3. I have a dilemma everytime I want a pizza. Like right now.

Hahahaha. This is actually what I’m thinking right now, but since you don’t know this, I will include it. The thing is, I like cheese but my husband doesn’t. So everytime I want pizza I cannot take my favorite double decker cheese burst crust because my husband don’t it. And therefore I will have a dilemma on whether I just buy my favorite and buy him another one, which means making myself fatter for eating the whole pan on my own, or giving in and just eat whatever he eats.

4. The first thing I cooked in my lifetime other than Maggi and those frozens is cucur.

I was 14 or 15 I think, and the helper who had been taking care of us since before I was born was getting married. Therefore, I decided to try be a bit independent and cooked cucur on my own. I did this with my little sister, so I got the authority to put in the salt. It was bland. Ha ha ha. Apparently I was such a coward I put too little salt.

5. That being said, my favorite cucur is cucur kentang or cucur kosong!

I don’t like cucur bawang or cucur ikan bilis simply because in a cucur the anchovies aren’t crunchy. My brother’s wife makes really good cucur kentang and she pairs it with sambal kicap whenever our family visits. Those are basically the recipe for diet disaster, just count those carbs and you’ll know.

6. I cannot do mascara.

I tried it but my lashes always ended up weird. The thing is, I have long thin lashes. Therefore, when I put on mascara, my lashes just went too long but they are still small in quantity. Ha ha ha. So I gave up on them. For my wedding, my sister, the only person I am comfortable letting my face painted by, combed it and shaded it with wet pencil eyeliner, just to make them appear thicker and less unruly.

7. I don’t eat kimchi.

Haha I know this one is expected of me, given my years in Korea, but no, I don’t eat kimchi. I will eat kimchi fried rice or kimchi stew but not kimchi on its own. And don’t buy the whole you-have-to-eat-kimchi-if-you-want-to-speak-Korean-well thing either, I did excellently on my language course, no kimchi got eaten in the process.

8. My first Apple was the first generation of iPod Nano.

Actually I was about to say the first generation of IPod Touch and then remember I had the nano before that. It was a pretty little thing and was considerably expensive for a student like me. But I only bought it because my first choice of mp3, the iRiver N10 was already discontinued. For those who don’t know, iRiver is a Korean company and the N10 is a necklace-styled mp3, you wear it around your neck and the mp3 was made to look like a pendant. This way when you wear tudung, no earphone wire dangling in sight.

9. My least favorite subject of all time must be Kajian Tempatan.

I honestly have no idea what I learned all those years, I only remember the endless notes copying from the blackboard. My geography was bad too but at least I know what it is about. I don’t have a good idea of Solid Mechanics, but at least I don’t hate it. So, yes, Kajian Tempatan is worst subject ever for me.

10. The only Nasi Goreng I eat is Nasi Goreng Kampung and Nasi Goreng Cili Padi.

My husband, on the other hand, can eat all sorts of nasi goreng everyday and he won’t ever be tired of it. It really fascinates me. I think in a way, it’s because nasi goreng is dry and I don’t like dry rice. I always need a heck lot of kuah with my rice. Kuah banjir they call it. But yeah, no dry nasi please.

Phew that took ages! Wipe sweat. I started writing right after the previous post and only completed them now. That is such a digging I did into my own life to find something you guys don’t know yet. Lets hope next topic would be easier!

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