[Post 3/50] My Travel Bucket List

There is no easy topic on the list, is it?

I don’t have bucket lists. Not about travel, not about any other thing. I guess it is mainly because I am an impulsive person, if I don’t buy something within 24 hours, I don’t want it anymore.

But to prove that I’m serious about this whole 50 post thing, I’ll still provide you with 5 places I would like to visit in my lifetime.

1. Kassel, Germany

Unlike you, I’m not really into travelling. But around 7-8 years ago I discovered Kassel, fell in love and decided I want to go see it when I’m rich. The place was where the Brother Grimm’s lived and worked on their fairytales and therefore the landscape there is one you would imagine when you read of one. It is home to the breathtaking Schloss Wilhelmshohe and Lowenburg palace. If you have an extra day, you may want to start driving from Marburg to Kassel to Gottingen. It is said to be a spectacular scenic route.

2. North Island, New Zealand

Again, this is about nature. Although I’m the least nature-lover person you will come across and I don’t plan to hike any hill soon, but yes I love a good green with blue. There is the infamous Lake Taupo and Waiotapu, but please I really want to go see Huka Falls. Or maybe just the Hobbiton movie set because the green hills are just irresistable.

3. Venice, Italy

Because I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. Ha ha ha! The Grand Canal and Bridge of Sighs may be a highlight, but I wonder if it is too much to go see the Lido de Venezia as well for its beach. My seasick? That I will deal with later. Ha!

4. Moscow, Russia

This, I don’t know if I can ever make it. Not only is it too far, but I have zero idea of the language too. But I think oggling the architecture at Red Square seems fun. I have yet to read up on Moscow, but yes given the opportunity, this city is my top 5.

5. Tokyo, Japan

I went to Tokyo for business trip several years back, but business trip being business trip, you don’t get to go around much. It was my first time there and I was surprised at how much I had liked the place and how I wished I had had the time to see me. I did went to Skytree and Shibuya and wish my husband was there too to see it. Also, if I had to bring my kids to Disneyland once in their lifetime, I would pick Disneyland Japan over any Disneyland else.

So there my 5 travel bucket list.

What’s yours?

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