[Post 4/50] Your Travel Must-Have!

My travel essentials are my wallet and my phone. Fullstop. Ha!

By now you would’ve known that words associated to me include impulsive and spontaneous . Therefore, to me, as long as I have these two, the rest can just be bought if ever I forgot about them.

But if I’m going to bring this attitude onto our Europe trip, I’d sooner go bankrupt before completing the trip. So when buying your necessities is out if question during a trip, what is a mandatory in my bag? This question started to sound like if-you-are-left-in-a-deserted-island,-what-do-you-need-in-your-bag question. For the sake of cutting the list short, lets just put the number up to 10.

1. An oversized abaya

Served as my prayer robe aka telekung. Haha I learned from a friend that an oversized abaya is always a handy one.

2. My toothpaste

Remember, I can’t smell just any toothpaste? But this is just me, so if you have a strong preference on your own toiletries too and doesn’t wish to rely on the hotel ones, please keep a bag of them in your luggage. Mine is kept along with my shower gel and our family toothbrush in a clear waterproof bag and we never take them out of the luggage so they are always there and we will never forget.

3. An extra tudung sarung

This is me again in case you need to go out at night for a quick dinner nearby and looking fabulous isn’t required. Or maybe that early breakfast buffet trip downstairs. No need to slip on all the pins and brooches, you can just put it on. I like Cloverush‘s Lilybelle because it has that nice awning that match my cheekbone structure well. Or I think all Cloverush actually have the same nice awning, I just happened to prefer the Lilybelle.

4. Toys and books

If you have kid(s) consider a bag full of toys and books. Because unless you are going to playgrounds/theme park/waterpark etc, to the kids your trip is never better than their lego. Therefore if you don’t wish to listen to lets-go-home one more time, free up a huge space in your carboot for the hot wheels cars and track kits.

5. Food for kids.

This, again, for those who have kid(s). I’m not sure if your kids are like mine (read: you almost need to tie them up a tree and force-feed them food), but if you are going somewhere new and aren’t sure if the only food they eat are not available, you better be prepared with one of those 80 cents Gardenia chocolate breads or Tiger biscuits and some Dutch Lady UHT milk. If you have a below 1-year-old who still eats his porridge, there is a tiny Khind baby food cooker that I find very convenient to carry around. Just add 1/4 cup of rice grains with 2 and 1/4 cup of water and let it cooked.

6. Important contact numbers.

In the age of smartphones, it is only natural you don’t remember your siblings phone number. Honestly, I just remember one out of seven right now. Haha. But if you are to lose your phone at one point of your trip, it would do good to have a back-ups somewhere. So jot down your next-to-kin and close friends numbers on your planner and bring them along on your trip. If emergency came up, you know you got cover.

7. Hardcopies of booking vouchers/invoice/itinerary etc.

For when your phone died and you need to show proof of your bookings, especially when you are traveling somewhere foreign, always keep a hardcopy of your bookings along with photocopy of your passport and ID. While I do hope everything goes on fine with our trip, it seems not unnatural to prepare those documents for when you urgently need them.

8. A pair of comfortable shoes.

When traveling to attend weddings or Eid, although I would be wearing heels or any other girly shoes, I will still take along my sneakers or crocs. I learned from a friend that your whole body hurt when your feet hurt. Technically that is right for when your feet hurt you don’t even feel like getting up and going about. I do this too when I go for job interviews, changing into my heels only when I was at the interview venue.

9. Travel adapter/chargers/powerbank and the like

When I was in engineering school, our lecturer told us that the next person who is going to be big is the one who could make a lasting battery. In 2008/2009, I can hardly see the significance of that. 10 years down the road, and I know how much of a pain it is to not have one ready in my bag anywhere I go. Although we definitely can buy this at anywhere we are going, bear in mind that original chargers can be expensive.

10. Plug extension

Ha ha ha. I know right. But this is my husband idea for there is always a possibility that the plug isn’t enough considering the many devices we had. And even if it is enough, it is situated at awkward place like under the writing desk etc. So always keep a plug extension handy in your luggage bag in case you need it.

Phew! Done for travel essentials, but I think tomorrow is another travel-related story.

Bear with me for one more day, will you?

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