The Blogging Bandwagon

So I managed to drag some friends to return to blogging again. Which is a happy happy achievement for me! Because seriously, reading a free writing about someone’s day is much much more interesting than reading on boring tips with the purpose of selling something in the end. When you try to write to sell something, your story is more constraint, less creative and lost its fun, because it is not a story anymore, it’s an ad.

Although I genuinely enjoy having my friends in the blogging world, I also genuinely started to feel the pressure. You see, I started writing again because I feel that I need to establish a good, solid ground in the writing field. And so I write, write and write, never considering visuals or whatever in my post. And then Alynn Zamri came along with her passion in photos and videos on top of her writing, watching her launching off her new blog with all the settings on place embarrasses me. I’ve been here almost a year and I still haven’t fix my layout. Peer pressure is so real.

So, yesterday I asked my husband to teach me photo-taking basics, since he’s the one taking all the photos all these while and I can’t afford to have to ask him all the time.

And then he said. “Google je.”


And added. “Sometimes you won’t understand the tutorial contents at the first watch. You will need to watch it a few times before you get it.

Um, excuse me, isn’t that why you teaching me is the faster way to go?

No, I’m not going to watch that video tutorial because, my concentration span is so short that I would die through the 10 minutes tutorial to get a tip.

Instead I will just take whatever photo I can, and you will just have to bear with it while I sharpen my skill.

Because here’s where the cliche line comes in: my blog, my way.

Ha ha ha. Kidding.

But not kidding on the whole painful photo thing.

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