Hi, I’m a Stranger

Hi, I know it’s been long. Haha. The next thing on the 50-Post-Challenge is a tough one where I need to take photos and everything, so I’ve been procrastinating.

But fret not, I already paid for my domain subscription for another year, so you can still find me here in 2019.

It’s winter season, the season I love most, regardless of how many times I slipped and landed on hard ice after those snowy days. How can you not love winter with nice coats even when you have to shrink in it to cover your nose that you look like a tortoise during windy days.

Anyway, how good are you at making conversation with strangers?

This morning, I put the croissant I brought with me on one of my favorite round tables at the cafeteria, before going off to buy breakfast. Chop table, it’s called. When I came back with pulut kuning and chicken curry on my tray, a girl was standing at that table with the water bottle on it.

Excuse me, I put my bread there?

Oh, is it yours? Are you alone? Can I sit with you?

The other tables are empty. *gesturing towards the two tables next to this one*

Can I sit with you?

It’s OK. *smiles, picks up croissant and sit at next table*

I don’t know, maybe it’s her first day. Maybe she doesn’t like to sit alone. Maybe she just likes to make friends. I don’t know.

On other times, I would welcome meeting new strangers. I really am an extrovert, friendly, social butterfly. I like getting to know people and hearing their stories.

But it was breakfast.

And breakfast is my time alone.

My friends sit together at long tables at breakfast, but I prefer to have my morning meal by myself, scrolling through soc med, getting ready for the day. It is my time for a short peaceful breathe after the morning rush of preparing bags, attending to kids, driving through morning traffic, and I’d rather have it for myself.

But yeah, any other time I would be prepared with a smile to welcome people and make conversations.

How good are you at making conversation with strangers?

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