My Birthday Present

Something is off today. I keep losing my orientation. It’s not the lenses, I felt this way since I woke up in the morning.

Anyway, I chucked it on lack of sugar or something and therefore here I am gulping my midday caffeine on the rooftop. The relation? Non-existent. Haha.

Some days ago, I asked my husband what’s for my birthday present this year.

His answer: What do you want? If you don’t have anything in your mind, I’ll just buy anything for you.

After almost 7 years of marriage, your husband really knows things, I tell you. Because at his answer I scrambled up on my feet (or rather on my phone) and frantically search for what I want. I don’t want to end up with something I don’t like.

The million dollar question: Is it possible to not like a present, especially given by your spouse?

The million dollar answer: Totally.

I mean, if your husband buys you that book about military aircraft used in World War II for your birthday present, of course you would say thank you and cherish it, but are you ecstatic about it? Probably not.

My husband bought me one book about Hitler for my birthday by the way, but that is solely because it was what I wanted at that time.

Anyway, presents! I don’t know about you, but presents are big for me. When I give someone one, I really put a lot of thoughts into it, wanting the other person to feel happy about it. I don’t resolve on buying anything and sticking to the it’s-the-thoughts-that-count motto. I want to deliver. Which is why I went to extends for our sector dinner’s lucky draw presents. Because buying cheap earphones just so everyone can get a present does not cut it. On the downside about buying people nice things for presents, they often feel burdened by it. In case you feel so when I give you something, please don’t. Just take it and be happy, it will make me happy too.

I used to have birthday present list for my friends, in case they don’t know what to buy me, but as you grow older, you don’t have much that you want anymore. Of course that Tiffany&Co ring is still valid (ha!), but you get what I mean, right? My husband offered to get me another dUCk (just the other day he looked at my stash and said “Oh, they are reaching the wardrobe ceiling soon!”), and dUCk just released The Marble Line scarf today, but I somehow just don’t feel it the right birthday present material. Present is supposed to be much much more than that.

So what do you want for birthday present?

Um, I don’t know yet. Ha ha ha!

What would you like for your birthday present?

2 thoughts on “My Birthday Present”

  1. Expensive: GoPro, DSLR Camera, A machine to cut paper(xtau nama apa), Printer A3 with wifi , new Iphone?, Treadmill 😂

    Not so expensive: Printer with wifi, laminator A3, New Speaker with 🎤, portable 🎤.


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