Why I Don’t Obsess Over a Daughter

“You must want a girl!”

“You don’t have a girl yet, you cannot stop giving birth!”

“You only have boys, is it OK?”

I got the above remarks a lot, I tell you. I am a woman, people think naturally I would want a girl to be a mini me. Although, the thoughts of dressing up a tiny baby in cute dresses are tempting, I find that I am not that desperate for a girl in the family.

For one, I am not that girly girl myself, so having a girl, I might not know how to play doll with her or braid her hair or pretend I’m a queen and she’s a princess.

For two, Heartbeat is more than charming enough around.

Heartbeat displays a good deal of interest in how I look. He would compliment me if I wear nicer than my usual tshirt and jeans. He would help me pick which hair pins are nice to buy. I even had a conversation about dUCk new lipsticks with him last night.

“Omak, what is that?”

“It’s what you wear on your lips.”

“Like a lipstick?”

“Yes, it’s lipstick. Is it nice?”

“Yes. But they don’t have different colors like green or blue or purple or something?”

*laugh*”No, they only have these color because nobody has blue lips or green lips or purple lips, right?”

“Yeah, just this color *touch his own lips* and pink.”

See. It’s a sensible enough conversation. I can even ask him if he likes my hair long or short and once I wear a new dress and called him.

“Do I look nice?”

“Yes, but it’s not good.” -indicating my exposed arm.

And oh, before you go worried about him paying attention to girls’ stuff, his school taught him well about the barrier between boys and girls.

My Little Pony is for girls, Tobot is for boys.

Sophia the First is for girls, Mini Force is for boys.

Boys cannot go to girls’ toilet and girls cannot go to boys’ toilet.

Once he was in front of FashionValet with me and I told him we were there to pick up my husband’s clothes, he protested saying this shop is for girls since there were only girls clothes on display at the outer side.

So in case you are still wondering do I miss having a daughter, I’d say, I doubt it.

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