Another Birthday Present

I don’t know if it’s being older or what, but there are a few changes I feel in me lately.

1. I started to like pink. Like anything baby pink can catch my eyes anytime.

2. I started to dig drip coffee more than espresso. Which is puzzling because I never notice the difference before.

3. I want black coffee. I went for breakfast and asked for kopi o ais.

4. On off-day I don’t enjoy roaming the mall anymore. I’d rather be home watching TV, writing or just sleep. Kah kah.

All those ageing symptoms aside, I received another birthday present from someone special today: the rose gold dUCk pen.

As I picked this baby up from the guardhouse, my heart was filled with so much happiness, you just can’t imagine it. Just a pen and yet it brings me more happiness than any Tiffany&Co would (except THE ring, of course!) because of two things: the reason behind this pen and the person who gave it to me.

This was given by a very very old friend, stretching back from my high school year. We were classmates. There weren’t that many girls in technical stream back then so naturally we are all good friends. She was the quiet kind of good student. I was the loud kind of good student. Ha ha. She was tall and very much a lady. I am short (yeah I know) and as very unlike any woman you’ve ever met as possible.

And yet she had liked the stories I wrote.

When I first knew her, I was still writing stories. She read all my writings even before any of those you guys read before. When my writings were still laboriously written by pen on papers. Sheets of examination pad and she read them all.

To me, she is the first fan of my writings.

A few days ago I was searching for a financial planner (the book, not the human) and she told me people nowadays just use one of those apps. Oh well, considering my love in science, people would expect me to be using all sorts of new technology and gadgets, but at the core bottom of it, there are still things I would like to be done the conventional way. Like peeling potatoes with knives instead of a peeler and pounding onions and garlics instead of chucking them into food processor. In a zillion years, I won’t even trade paper books with e-books. I guess it goes the same way with writings: some times it’s good to write things down, instead of tapping on glasses.

So, she bought me a pen. To write things down.

The person who loves my writings, buying me a pen so I will be able to write.

Tell me, now what is my reason to not to continue?

Wishing for many more years ahead, writing.

고마워. 잘 쓸께.

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