Anniversary Staycation at The Westin

I am in dire need of a proper holiday, and although we are just back from several trip, I don’t feel that refreshed yet. Therefore while the trainer is droning about parameter passing in function, I found myself looking at options of hotel for the next vacation.

And the thing about having small kids is: all your dream vacation went out of the window, replaced by your kids’ dream vacation. Therefore, instead of finding good hotel with spa packages or the whitest beach with green water, you seek for one with good kids club for the kids to have fun, a triple bed so you won’t end up balancing yourself at the edge of the bed as your kids swim around in their sleep, somewhere near playgrounds or playlands, somewhere with bathtub etc etc.

We recently went to The Westin Kuala Lumpur for our anniversary trip. And I should say, the best thing about the whole hotel is the bellboy named Jib (according to his nametag).

The hotel room itself was good. Spacious bed, but I still had to sleep still in it, not much turning and tossing. The one who can afford tossing and turning is Heartbeat and Winter, lol.

Bed creased because I put sleeping Winter on it before my husband get to take photos, only to have him woke up immediately because it’s somewhere new. Ceh.

That chair Heartbeat lounged on when he was watching his tablet.

Vanity area. I kinda not like how shallow and small the sink is. I wish it was bigger.

Necessity now for every hotel visits as Heartbeat thinks it is not a hotel unless it has a tub. And Winter is such a fan of it too.

Shower area. The water is a bit on the hot side. You don’t have to push it to the red to get hot water. Lol.

Coffee/tea-making facility. This part here is critical too as we need it to make Heartbeat milk. Lol.

However, I noticed that this staycation is our most unrelaxed one. For example, we didn’t even bother to take the photos of breakfast spread.

I love breakfast buffet. I cannot emphasized enough how breakfast is my most important meal of the day. And to get them in buffet is heavenly. Which is why my husband brought us for this trip: so I can enjoy breakfast buffet.

The Westin promotes healthy living. You can see on their flyers on how they talk about superfood and healthy breakfast. If you are into healthy food, you’d be ecstatic to see they have oats and grains at breakfast along with choices of yogurts, and their fruit selections are just extraordinary.

But if you are not that much of a healthy-food fan like me, you’ll find the food to taste a bit bland, like it didn’t quite reach a correct note in the scale. I guess by promoting healthy food, they cut down on salt and sugar which is great for our body, but not our palate. Ha ha ha. And being located at Bukit Bintang, I guess the food taste will suit the tourists better as our usual food is known to be too salty or too sugary.

Other than that, I find the food to be cold, I wonder if it’s the air-conditioner being too strong, because I remember another hotel had this issue too. The cakoi I took was cold and hard. And it’s a shame that the french toast was the same, it had really delicious smell. Pancake was a tad dense to my liking. The tosai was crispy when we took it and it went immediately turn hard and tasteless when we left it on the table.

The breakfast spread is acceptable wide spanning Malay, Indian, Chinese, Western and Japanese food with a good number of pastries. The workers serving around are great too, there is a guy going to each table asking if we would like to try a menu out. The were several choices of tea served (it was Twinings, I think) and coffee was poured out served with milk.

We went to the 4th floor afterwards, where the gymnasium, swimming pool and kids club are located. It was 10 minutes to 9 am and I wasn’t sure if that is too early for the workers to clean the pool, but the kids’ pool were filled with dried leaves. It hardly looks like it would be safe to swim in, not that we are swimming, but anyway. After a good morning shower and packing our bags to check-out, we decided to go see the kids club. I was really excited because kids club is supposed to be fun with arts activities etc.

My excitement fell flat.

Yes, the place does have books and toys. A mini playground. Several cars and wooden horses to ride. A mini pool filled with building blocks. A TV showing cartoons. A playhouse with kitchen that Winter adores. Two car tracks that Heartbeat loved so much. But that was it.

It would be a good play area if only I didn’t have too high expectations on it.

Only one parent is allowed to accompany their kids at one time. And if you wish to leave them with the babysitter, the charge is RM20 per hour. Coloring sheets are handed out to interested kids to color and the attendant refused to give to Winter at the first place because according to her, he’s too young and he might color off the sheet and make the table dirty. I was actually stunned when she said that, considering I’m used to people encouraging kids to scribble around. And Winter really loves to scribble. She might have changed her mind afterwards because she approached me later with the sheet but by then I don’t feel like staying around anymore so I told her to give it to the other girl. Because yeah, the girl really wanted it, she was just too scared to ask. “Oh is it her you wanted to give it too at the first place.” I just nodded yeah because I was already put-off.

She wanted to make a shaped-balloon for Heartbeat, which he didn’t want because he’s afraid of balloon, even hid behind the playground because he was scared. So Winter took one the shape of a dog or something and it fell apart soon.

Well, she sure made me think twice about kids clubs in future.

But the bellboy! Oh the bellboy, remember? He must be the nicest thing/person in the entire hotel. He would hurry as soon as he saw someone with a bag, asking if they need a help. He helpfully told us we can borrow an umbrella from the counter when it rained as we were going out. He literally chased after one girl who was about to board a Grab (I supposed), so he can pull open the car door for her. He didn’t miss a beat at hurrying to open a taxi door so a passenger could get off even as he was having a conversation with a fellow colleague. Such great work, it actually left quite an impression on me.

Overall, if you are into playing tourist and seeing how Kuala Lumpur looks like at night, The Westin is a relatively cheaper option compared to Ritz-Carlton or JW Marriott and Pavilion is at your doorstep. It serves good as a hotel does, but nothing to be really screamed out about. Comparatively, my husband and I both agreed we enjoyed The Majestic much better.

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