Breaking Off Monday Blues

I was hurriedly typing off an email because it was already well past 10 and I haven’t done my morning pump. In a flurry of taps on keyboard I realized I typed,


Farubu Saku

and I laughed.


But try to laugh off your small mistakes at work. (That is if they are tiny. If they are big, PANIC!)

I know it’s easy to hate your job. And your boss. And your colleagues. And that the only thing matter is your family anyway because family doesn’t leave you like your bosses and colleague, they say. But if you would only take the time to stop and laugh at whatever it is that makes you hate, you find them easier to love. Hating things needs energy too, and at the end of the day, it tires you more than you should.

So today as my name was written there on the chart as model PIC, I chose to laugh it off and tell myself I can do this although in the back of my head I was like sh*#I needtobefetchingHeartbeatfromschoolstartingAprilandthatmeansgoingbackontimeeveryday.

When you fall seven times, laugh eight.

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